Indica strain For Back Pain


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Indica strain of marijuana 1/2 Ounce


Indica strain For Back Pain

Back pain is a common illness which can affect anyone irrespective of the age; however. It is prevalent among the senior citizens. The pain is severe and comes at you unexpectedly. Back pain occurs in the lower, middle, or upper back. Sometimes the pain goes up to the neck or down to the legs, making you immobile.

Before the emergence of marijuana, patients were using prescription medicine to manage back pain. Indica strain

Defining Back Pain

It is a pain resulting from falling or muscle strain. Determining the exact cause of the back pain is hard. This is due to the complex nature of the spinal cord and the connected body organs. Indica strain

It is estimated that above 80% of Americans experience back pain at one juncture of their life. Besides, it is common in adults above the ages of 35-45 years. Indica strain

Cause of Back Pain

Back pain can be due to:

Abnormal back
Ligament strain
Ruptured disc
Muscle spasm
Symptoms of back pain

These include:

Stabbing pain in your back
Pain that shoots throughout your leg
Pain when bending, lifting or walking
Muscle ache
Types of back pains

These include:

Axial pain

This is also known as mechanical pain. The pain occurs in one place, and it can be dull or sharp. The pain comes and goes, which gives it throbbing effects. Muscle strain, facet joints, and tears in the disc are the most common types of axial pain.

Referred Pain

It happens away from the point of impact, and it is dull and achy.

Radicular pain

It is also known as sciatica. Radicular pain follows the spinal nerves pathway. It commonly caused by compression or inflammation of the spinal root nerve.

Best Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

Black berry Kush

Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant strain with dark purple buds covered with orange hairs and packed with trichomes. Blackberry Kush gives its user couch locking high effects. The marijuana strain leaves its users feeling relaxed, happy, sleepy, and euphoric. Moreover, Blackberry Kush strain is ideal for treating insomnia and chronic pain. Its ability to treat chronic pain makes it suitable for treating back injuries.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape has strong Indica roots. The strain has fruity taste which makes it a favorite strain for many cannabis users. Grape Ape has the potential of inducing potent high effects due to its high THC percentage ranging from 15% to 25%.

It gives its users a full-body effects which is suitable for numbing pain and aches as well as inducing a mental and physical relaxation. The marijuana strain is also ideal for treating insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Grape Ape numbing effects are suitable in treating nagging pain such as back pain.

Northern lights

It is among the purest Indica strain with 95% Indica and 55 sativa. Northern Lights potent effects are felt throughout the body. This relaxes the body leaving its user feeling euphoric. It has couch locking effects, thus best used at night. Indica strain

Consumers choose this strain because it acts as a sedative that manages stress and anxiety. Northern Lights full-body effects ideal for managing chronic pain. Therefore, people suffering from back injuries can use Northern Lights to manage their pain. Indica strain. Indica strain

Blueberry Cookies
Blueberry Cookies is Indica dominant with a unique taste of roasted nuts, fresh blueberries, and mint as well as berry aroma. Strain hits the user with a midlevel cerebral euphoria which induces mental and physical relaxation. Blueberry Cookies helps is ideal for patients suffering from stress, depression inflammation, anxiety, and chronic. Patients use Blueberry Cookies to manage back pain.

Afghani is named after its origin, and it is an Indica dominant strain with a massive resin production. This weed strain hits the user with a deep sedating and relaxation effects leaving its user feeling happy, sleepy, and euphoric. Patients suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression can use the strain to treat their conditions. Afghani can help relieve pain, making it suitable for back injuries.

ACDC is a sativa dominant strain with a high CBD: THC ratio. The marijuana strain has the potential of treating a variety of illness due to the high percentage of CBD. CBD is the non psychoactive component of marijuana which makes ACDC a favorite among patients. ACDC leaves you feeling relaxed, happy, energetic and focused. People who have epilepsy, cancer, or severe pain can use ACDC to manage these ailments. Patients with back injuries and inflammation can relief the pain using ACDC.

Blackberry is famous for its balance between Indica and sativa. It is sweet-tasting and better smelling strain. Besides, gives its users full-body effects inducing cerebral and physical relaxation. When consumed, it leaves its user feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy, and euphoric. Blackberry can be used to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and treat insomnia. The full-body buzz of the strain makes it ideal for treating pain; thus, patients can use it to treat back injuries.

Blue Haze
Blue Haze is a versatile Sativa dominant hybrid strain with packed buds responsible for giving the user a potent high. It induces an optimal balance between mental and physical effects. The cerebral effects of Blue Haze make its users more social, uplifts mood, and enhances user creativity. The physical impact of the strain creeps in slowly throughout the body, leaving the users body feeling numb and relaxed. The numbing effects of Blue Haze make it ideal for patients with back injuries, chronic pain, and headaches.

Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush is a popular Indica dominant hybrid strain. The high levels of THC (15%-22%) in Bubba Kush induces a substantial sedating buzz leaving its users feeling relaxed. The cannabis strain leaves its user functional and alert. Bubba Kush can be used to treat mental (depression and anxiety), and physical (chronic pains and deep-seated aches) ailments. The strain is ideal for patients suffering from back pain.

Timewarp Strain
Timewarp is a Sativa dominant strain with a taste of lemon and pine undertones. The marijuana strain instills a calming body effect and an uplifting cerebral euphoria. The uplifting effect of the weed strain helping in managing stress, anxiety, and depression. The full-body impact instills relaxation, creativity, and happiness as well as treating pain. Timewarp is suitable for managing back injuries.


Pain treatment using marijuana is a common practice among patients who reside in a state where cannabis is legal. The above marijuana strains are ideal for treat back injuries. They can also be used recreationally or medically to manage anxiety, stress, depression, and induce sleep.

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