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Buy Iboga Capsules Online

//Buy Iboga Capsules Online

Buy Iboga Capsules Online


Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior

Tabernanthe Ibogaine HCL
$228.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA
$76.50/ Gram

Iboga Capsules 3 x 35 Capsules      (300 mg)
$184.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine Root Bark 20 Gram
$85.00/ Gram


Buy Ibogaine HCL Online

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Family: Apocynaceae

Genus: Tabernanthe

Species: iboga

COMMON NAMES : Iboga; Black bugbane; le bois sacre (sacred wood)




Iboga is a rainforest shrub that grows up to 2 meters. Its roots contains ibogaine, a strong long lasting psychedelic from West African.

Meanwhile, Purchase Iboga Online extracts for the treatment of drug addiction  like heroin , cocaine.

Therefore, Ibogaine have role as therapeutic and psychoactive addiction breaker. Buy Iboga Capsules Online

Buy Iboga Capsules Online

We do worldwide delivery especially to Australia, Canada & UK. Delivery is safe and secure to your address.

We have high quality of Iboga products. For example Ibogaine HCL, iboga TA, iboga capsules, and iboga root barks.

Furthermore, Iboga is prove to be the most influential herbal plant to cure addictions. Most importantly, the result is 100{49fcd20cbab1c4e0616ac1e5849a5424317b7c1405996c53331f642f084a6e87} effective if application is good.

We offer Iboga prepackaged in capsules, which helps with dosage and ease of consumption. Each capsule is 300mg. Buy Ibogaine Pills online.

Our root bark comes from Cameroon and Central Africa harvested from root bark sustainably.

Moreover, Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid and hallucinogenic properties. It is primarily extracted from the tropical plant Tabernanthe iboga. Above all, these shrubs are members of the Oleander family.

Firstly, It is both a therapeutic and addiction breaker. Secondly, It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. Above all, We ship world wide without any problems.

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Tabernanthe Ibogaine HCL 1Gram, Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA 2Grams, Iboga Capsules 3 x 35 Capsules, Ibogaine Root Bark 2Grams


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