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GHB is a common party drug used to induce euphoria or relaxation and reduce inhibitions. It is known to be unpredictable and can cause an overdose in small amounts which saw its’ popularity wane.

Recently GHB use has seen a resurgence, particularly among young people at music festivals and raves, a subculture of gay or bisexual men who engage in chemsex parties, and methamphetamine users as a sleep aid. It has also been used by bodybuilders to enter ‘slow-wave sleep’ in which growth hormones are secreted.

Appearance and use

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is an odorless, oily liquid with a slightly salty taste, usually sold in small bottles or capsules. It can also come in powder form, but this is less common.

Gamma hydroxybutyrate it is a metabolite that functions as a depressant to the central nervous system, which means it functions as a relaxant. GHB is synthesised when food is broken down and turned into energy for our cells.

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It is a is a natural product of human metabolism. The white powder, much like table salt, and clear liquid commercially traded are synthesised artificially. Also available is GHB liquid and  Pills.

GHB is known to be used as a ‘date rape drug’, often added to a victim’s drink without their knowing. There is a strong sexual component associated with the drug’s action, which is related to it being used as a ‘date rape’ drug.


Overdose of GHB can be fatal. Compared to other drugs, This drug has a minuscule difference between a dose that delivers the desired high and one that kills. Just the right amount could fill you with euphoria, but half a millilitre too much and you can be unconscious within minutes.

Tolerance to GHB can develop quickly, meaning more of the drug is needed to get the same effect. GHB leaves the system quickly, it might be undetectable in your system by medics if you go under. So many GHB overdoses go undetected for this reason.

Roughly 95 per cent of GHB is metabolised in the liver, and its half-life ranges from 30–60 minutes. Only 5 per cent of the parent drug is excreted via the kidneys. Detection of GHB in the urine may be difficult after 24 hours due to its short half-life. This can make the effects of overdose more difficult to treat.

Party use

GHB has been used as a club drug, apparently starting in the 1990s, as small doses of GHB can act as a euphoriant and are believed to be aphrodisiac. GHB slang terms are liquid ecstasylollipopsliquid X or liquid E due to its tendency to produce euphoria and sociability and its use in the dance party scene.

Sports and athletics

Some athletes have used GHB or analogs because they have been marketed as being anabolic agents, although there is no evidence that it builds muscle or improves performance in athletes.

How GHB Pills Make You Feel

The Buzz
  • Relaxation, reduction in anxiety, mild euphoria
  • Some people describe it as feeling like a combination of alcohol and MDMA at the same time
  • Feeling more sociable and socially confidant or laid-back
  • Increased horniness
  • Drowsy
  • Feels like you are drunk on alcohol, without the bloated feeling of having consumed multiple drinks, and with the benefit of fewer-to-none of alcohols’ hangover symptoms the next day

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