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The Atmos Bullet 2 Go Vaporizer is the smallest and most affordable pen vaporizer on the market.  The Atmos Bullet 2 Go offers a wickless ceramic heating chamber which allows for smell proof vaporizing.  This vaporizer is extremely small and discreet.  It reaches vaporizing temperatures within seconds and utilizes a simple, one touch activation system.  It is available in black, gold, and titanium


The Bullet 2 Go is approximately 5 inches in length.

What materials are compatible with the Bullet 2 Go?-

The Bullet 2 Go is compatible with dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

What is included with the Bullet 2 Go?-

  • 1x lithium ion battery
  • 1x Bullet 2 Go cartridge
  • 1x wireless USB charger
  • 1x user manual

How it Works-

Be sure that the battery is completely charged before your first use.  Take off the mouthpiece and expose the heating chamber.  Simply load in a small amount of your desired material directly onto the heating coil.  Reassemble the piece.  To power the unit on, click the power button 3 times rapidly.  Simultaneously press the power button while inhaling.

Cleaning and Maintenance-

Be sure to never get the battery wet.  You can clean the heating chamber with a damp cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

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